Friday, July 27, 2018

How I Protected My Granddad Before He Checked Out

Death is inevitable, this we know for sure. But even with that knowledge, the fact remains that we want to do everything we can to protect our loved ones in every way possible.
Protection comes in all sorts of forms, but one of the most popular ones is insurance. Unfortunately, most insurances only cover death which is not how most people want. After all, nothing can replace being able to spend as much time as you can with your grandparents.

Understanding the Need for Critical Illness Insurance

What is worse than your grandparents getting sick, you ask? It is them getting sick and you not being able to help them through it. That feeling of helplessness can be quite depressing, especially if you cherish your grandparents very much.

This very thought can make you wonder about what a grandchild can possibly do to avoid such an unfortunate turn of events. If you’re like many who have been doing some research online, you probably already heard that it is possible to achieve such a goal with the help of insurances.

Insurance companies like those featured at Purecover offer a wide range of policies, including the popular life insurance for elderly people aged 70 years old. This type of insurance has no expiration date and is active so long as the insured is living. It has a lot of perks and can even provide for the insured’s pet after he or she has passed away.
But while it is good to secure the financial stability of the people your grandparents will leave behind, it doesn’t change the fact that they would have to die before money under their policy is released. Most people wouldn’t even want to think about that. Fortunately, there is another option available in the market today.

Based on this critical information for health and illnesses, it is also possible to get your grandparents insured which they can use while they are still alive. Unlike most insurances, critical illness insurances cover hospital costs for people with serious medical conditions. Even so, that doesn’t mean the insured should be incapacitated.

Most critical illness insurances cover three primary conditions that are considered serious in nature. This includes heart attack, cancer, and stroke. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the only conditions insurance companies can pay you for. Some covers conditions and procedures such as transplant of the heart and other major organs, coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty, kidney failure, and paralysis.

Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

After learning about critical insurance, you are still probably wondering what makes it so good that people are paying for it. To help you decide if it is perfect for you and your grandparents’ circumstances, here are some well-known benefits of critical illness insurance:

1.    Provides Peace of Mind
The best part of having insurance is the peace of mind it provides. This is especially true for critical illness insurances as they cover costs of hospitalization and procedures that can be very costly.
2.    Pay Out After Diagnosis Rather Than Death
When death comes, nothing can ease the pain of the bereaved. Not even money. Critical illness insurances overcame this pitfall of life insurances by incorporating into its policies the release of much-needed money after diagnosis of the insured rather than upon their death.
3.    Covers Critical Illnesses and Conditions
Simple ailments tend to be significantly cheaper compared to critical illnesses. This pushed insurance companies to include only the serious conditions with expensive treatments into their coverage.
4.    Most Pay Outs are Tax-Free

Some critical illness insurances have the added benefit of being tax-free. This means the insured can take the full amount and maximize it to help in their medical treatment.

Naturally Detox Your Body with Foot Pads

Are you tired of drastically altering your diet or chugging gallons of water each day to detoxify your body? You may not be aware, but there’s actually a much easier and more affordable way to detox: foot pads. By wearing a foot pad while you sleep, you can naturally remove toxins from your body just like a strong detox diet would. Better yet, you can buy foot pads all across the internet for much cheaper than detox drinks. Some manufacturers claim that foot pads not only remove toxins from your body, but they also help lower high blood pressure, treat headaches, diabetes, and depression. Is it too good to be true? These Japanese-inspired pads claim to bring benefits that most people would consider nothing short of remarkable.

Origins of Detox Foot Pads

Since detox foot pads originate from Japan, it’s no surprise that one of the largest manufacturers of them is the Japan-based company Kenrico. Japanese scientists sought to replicate the way trees soak water up from the soil, absorbing essential nutrients and stimulating its growth. The Japanese already had a history of soaking these pads in fermented bamboo water, so manufacturers revolutionized this idea and created a product that would be sold on the global market. Foot pads have evolved from the single ingredient of fermented bamboo water to an array of ingredients including wood vinegar, zeolite, dextrin, and more herbs to promote natural detoxification. All of the ingredients of the modernized Foot Detox Pads come together to supposedly remove toxins.

How They Work

While the science behind foot pads is a little more complicated, using them is scary easy. You should apply the detox pad to both feet before bedtime and wear them for at least eight to ten hours. Once you remove them, you’ll see a grey or green blotch on your feet. The discoloring of your foot is a signal that the detox worked, and toxins were removed. Now it comes down to the logistics of the foot pads. What are the common ingredients and what purpose does each one of them serve?
Below are ingredients you’ll find in most foot pads and an explanation of how each ingredient helps to detoxify the body.

·         Zeolite: detoxifies metals in humans
·         Wood vinegar: promotes body wellbeing
·         Bamboo vinegar: extracts toxins from the liver and lymphatic system
·         Dextrin: increases bowel movements and helps build intestinal flora
·         Sporopollenin: soaks up toxins and chemicals

Consumer Skepticism

Removing toxins while you sleep sounds almost too good to be true, and some sources aren’t buying it. According to the Mayo Clinic, there isn’t enough reliable evidence that foot pads draw out toxins. Another thing that drew skepticism from consumers was when Kinoki, a large manufacturer of Japanese foot pads was given an unsatisfactory rating by the Better Business Bureau. While a few sources aren’t falling for the hype, it doesn’t hurt to give them a test.
The detox industry is definitely shifting with the recent spike in popularity of foot pads. Consumers are staying away from expensive detox diets and replacing them with traditional Japanese pads, a much easier and affordable way to remove toxins.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Body Purification Through The Feet: Detox Foot Pads

Detoxification is about cleansing and nourishing the body to maintain optimum health. Various symptoms such as fatigue, irritated skin, bloating among others may be a sign that you need to detoxify. With the high number of toxins we are exposed to in the modern society, there are increased chances of harmful substance invading our bodies, from heavy metals to the chemicals in processed foods, among others.

There are many methods of detoxing such as detox diets, saunas, yoga, use of lemonade, exercises, natural products, detoxification devices, and use of pharmaceutical products among others. With the ever-growing, limitless detoxification products flooding the market, we need to be more informed so as not end up spending money for nothing. Many manufacturers may come with the marketing notion that their miracle product will eliminate all accumulated toxins in our bodies. This might be the case, or they might be preying on the uninformed person.

 Detoxification through the feet has become a popular way to remove toxins from the body. This article looks at how we can flush out toxins from the body through the feet by use of detox feet pads
Detox foot pads are adhesive pads that put on soles of feet to draw out toxins from the body. The pads are applied when the individual is going to sleep. The result is a change of color of the pads, which is claimed to be caused by the toxins and heavy metals. Heavy metal toxicity in the body may affect the normal functioning of various organs hence removing them may be a health plus.

The purported benefits of detox foot pads include eliminating gas and constipation, improving the health of the skin, and lessening fatigue. Some people have admitted feeling relieved after using them and experienced positive results such as less fatigue.

The pads are made of different ingredients, common ones being wood vinegar, minerals, and tourmaline, among others. Manufacturers claim that some of these components have shown the ability to bind or absorb toxin under research and have found evidence of traces of toxic metals after laboratory research.

Research on detox foot baths

No scientific evidence is available to verify the claims made by the manufacturers of foot detox pads. No trials have proven the efficacy and safety of these products. A report conducted by a group journalist showed that the pads darkened when in contact with moisture which probably causes the color change and not the toxins.

Also, the detox foot pads have not been approved by the FDA as an effective method to treat health conditions.

Use and safety

The foot pads are placed under the feet overnight. According to the manufacturers, the feet have reflexology points, and toxins are moved to the feet from the other organs. However, they can also be applied to other parts of the body that have high blood flow. The pads should not be applied to broken skin and wounds or mucous membranes. Also, individuals with known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients as well as pregnant women should not use the pads.

Due to lack of enough evidence on safety and efficacy of these products, it's always good to consult professional healthcare providers before using them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Complete Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Which Are Amazon Advts?

Parallel to how Google quest acts, while you publish in a catchword in the Amazon quest case and outcomes show up, some of the overhead outcomes will be bankrolled fasts – these are elaborated firm ads. They are designated with slim “bankrolled” or “advt” word such as in the picture beneath.
Advertizers who require to obtain more stocktaking to their items on Amazon could disburse for these provisions by asking on concrete catchwords, which would conduct to upper stocktaking in the firm SERPs. The advertizer would after be recharged as a purchaser snaps on their advt. You could substantially look Amazon’s ad lorry as the company’s release of AdWords.

Firm ads could either show up on separate item formats. For instance, just as watching at the aqua flask lower I could look at an append for goggles on the furthest freedom hand part of the format.

Should I advertizer on Amazon?

Are you marketing a palpable item that users could buy interactive? If the response is yes, then the return is yes, you might be advt on Amazon! Production might merely produce you with other process to gain more lights on your items and probably more purchasers.

Increase your sales with

If you’re indecisive, then begin narrow with an item that you along are familiar with markets well interactive. I.e., if you vend sportive machinery and lawn battledores have anytime been your upper vending interactive item, begin with an advt for your upper vending racquet. One fine day you begin to look at an ROI with this ad, consolidate more earmarks and sorts of racquets to extend your crusade.

Second forcing discourse to promote in the firm is that if you’re making production PPC, your constitutional Amazon grading would apparently refine likewise. “We had time and again looked that organic grading has been fair amount refined for those catchwords that were utilized happily in the firm PPC advts,” tells Sellics. “This is in portion via additional clearance merchant that have been originated by ‘production AdWords’ increasing the trading anecdote of the item. Merchant business is an extremely powerful grading ratio.”

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World Class Water Treatment Specialists

The clean and fresh water is becoming obsolete, and there is a great need of water in industries to do processes and to meet that need of water for enterprises, the brackish water is gone through a complete process to make this clean and usable for the industrial process. This treated form of water is not recommended for personal use at it may contain harmful materials but using this water in industries could save the fresh water for personal use, and there may be fewer issues related fresh water for home and personal usage.

The World class, water treatment specialists, provides the Water Treatment Services. These services enable the water to be used for several purposes and make the water clean enough to be usable. The process of water cleaning involves the following:


In this process, the brackish water is converted into the fresh water to make it usable for the industry use. This process of water cleaning is being used almost everywhere around the globe where there is the lack of fresh water, and the freshwater resources are needed for the industrial use of water. Desalination is based on the four key components, and that is:

•    The intake system
•    Pretreatment system
•    Desalination
•    Concentrate disposal

New systems prefer using the Reverse-osmosis techniques for treating the water; however, there is some other process too which are being used for the water cleaning purpose but are not so much popular and useful. This unavailability of fresh water and the excess raw water could be a severe economic and regulatory issue.

The essential thing is to select the plant for the desalination. There have been various studies and researches regarding the water balance, costs, thermodynamic considerations and the properties of minerals to make sure that the less is being invested in making the water used for industrial purposes. The charges, efficiency of results and the reliability of the whole process is predicted before starting the process, and then the method for the providence of water treatment services is selected to meet the requirements of the industry.

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Art of Hiring a Software Developer

Competent software developers are the holy grail of any organizations technology hiring efforts. In the recent years, most code schools have flooded the software development markets with hordes for starters. These institutions have done an excellent job introducing many to the rewarding and amazing career of programming. However, many organizations are hesitant to hire these code school grads.
Most of them are talented, but their skills are still narrow and probably raw. For any organization, it’s a significant risk to hire someone with no proven experience. After all, you aren’t sure if they can effectively handle your software development tasks. If you intend to hire software developers, here are important things tips you can follow.

1.    Don’t rush

This is an old rule but a true one. If you get an A-level developer, he or she will recommend other top developers too. If you hire an incompetent developer, the chances are that you will end up with a team of inexperienced developers. Steve Newcomb, the founder of, strongly believes that the worst thing you can do is have B-level people as your top ten employees. You will end up with over hundred C-level employees. This is the primary reason you should take the time to find someone with excellent software development skills.

2. And stay away from ‘rockstars’

If you intend to create a great team of developers, you require more than one superstar in the programming industry. Instead of blowing all your resources searching for the superman, why don’t you gather a team of Avengers?
The best isn't created by one person; a team of competent developers creates it. The team fully leverages the individual strengths of its members. Therefore, having one superstar in programming and a bunch of C-level developers can make things more difficult than you think.

3. Go for talent and make good use of it

If you’re hiring top-rated developers, don’t focus on hanging on to them for long. This is because top talent will always opt for better deals. Thus, you should focus on getting as much out of these professionals as possible within the time you have.
It’s wise to be realistic and honest with the millennials. They all want to make a commendable impact on the world with their programming work. Use your developers’ talents by availing them work and helping them grow. If they decide to stick around, you will have a great team of better engineers.

4. In a business setting, cultural fit trumps programming finesse

Another reason you may not want to hire ‘superstars’ as part of your development team is that they can become total jerks! For any business environment, cultural fit is often crucial just as the programming skills. The last thing you want in your team is prima donnas and programmers; people with ego and attitudes. All you need is to get your work done perfectly within the given timeline.

If you intend to put together a team of competent developers, implement the tips discussed in this article. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Skateboard Jessup Grip Tape

Skateboarding continues to gain popularity with teens and young men.  Understanding how to skateboard safely is essential especially if you want to do some cool and challenging tricks.

The two things you need to do before you hop on the skateboard are, wear protective equipment including a helmet and ensure your skateboard has Griptape.

When choosing Griptape you need to determine the grippyness.  The more traction on the skateboard the more control your have of your board. 

Jessup was the first to bring silicon carbide grip tape to the skateboard industry.  Jessup Griptape®, The original skateboard Griptape, was introduced to skaters worldwide in 1975 and has been the favorite of pro athletes and enthusiasts ever since.  The company has gripped more boards than all other Griptape companies combined.  I can say, Jessup has been underneath more ollies, wallrides, bull flips and nose slides than any other brand in the sport

The Jessup Griptape will stick to your board no matter what. There five star quality formula is used by more professionals and hardcore skaters than any other tape.  This Griptape will also help you stick your tricks.  It will provide you with a stable platform for ultimate control.  Laminated and Solvent Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Layers create rock-solid bonding to all boards in any environment. Jessup sticks to your board no matter what! Their “SUPERTOUGH” Silicon Carbide Grip Formula conforms to all deck concaves, is easy to trim out, and won’t tear like other tapes.  The Jessup Silicon Carbide grit never wears out, and will outlive any grip tape in the world!

Jessup pro team riders are part of the family.  The Jessup Pro Team includes; Alec Majerus, Andy Roy, Auby Taylor, Benny Fairfax, Bobby Worrest, Cody Lockwood, Curren Caples, Cryus Bennett, Danny Wainwright, Danny Way, Elijah Berle, Eric Koston, Frank Gerwer, Hjalte Halberg, and Jake Johnson. They grew up riding Jessup Griptape® and they never gave it up. 

Jessup Griptape is sold at many local skate shops. 

Applying your Griptape on your board can be completed is six easy steps:

Before you begin, here’s what you will need:

1.       Your skateboard
2.       Sheet of Jessup Griptape
3.       A File
4.       A Razor Blade

Step #1 – Peel the Griptape from the paper.

Step #2 – Line the Griptape over the board so that it covers the wood of the skateboard completely.

Step #3 – Apply pressure as you place the Griptape down on the board to avoid any air bubbles.

Step #4 – Take your file and trace the edges of the Griptape. This will make it easier to cut-off the extra Griptape at the end.

Step #5 – The next and final thing you’ll need to do is cut-off the extra Griptape from the edges of the board.  Start somewhere along the nose and cut down to whatever feels comfortable for you.

Step #6 – Using the extra Griptape you just cut-off, file the edges of your board.

Be sure to ride safe. Ride with the best. Ride with Jessup Griptape.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Why should you make use of internet marketing?

The business world has always been run by marketing and advertising services, I mean really you can’t even turn on the radio without having to listen to 90 seconds of some life insurance company trying to tell you why you should be investing with them.

So of the most influential advertising and marketing platforms are newsprint, Television and radio and now with the massive increase of internet browsers the next massive source of advertising is internet marketing.

What forms does internet marketing come in?

Internet marketing can come in many forms of which two of the most popular forms come in the forms of pay-per-click-advertising and website blogs.

Both of these forms need the company or business to have their own website which they can advertise from and in some case, they will also need to have social media platforms, which will help create a better following for your website.

Which option is best?

Finding the best option for your website is a personal choice, however, I would recommend making use of a blog on your company’s website and allow a professional company that offers on the page, off the page and advanced SEO which if you want an example you can go to this website to see what I mean If you use a professional company they will do the Search Engine Optimization work for you, as it can get quite complicated.

What is SEO?

Once you have created a website it is stored at the bottom of the search engine index and in some cases, it doesn’t even exist in the search engine index. Now, in order for your site to work as a functional advertising symbol you will need to make sure that your website is positioned at the top of the search engine index, so when people search anything related to your company, your company is the first to show up within the search results.

Benefits of making use of internet market

If internet marketing is done correctly, businesses can see a massive increase in sales and new customers not just on a local scale but on an international scale as well, this is a great way for companies to make the best out of the global trade market.

Companies will also see an increase in a number of people following them and their blog, now this does two things, one it allows the company to create a trust base within communities and ensures that they will always have work from people and communities which support them, so there will never be a time period where they are without work.

Making use of internet marking doesn’t have to cost you a fortune as most of the work you can do yourself, which saves costs on items like flyers and newsprint advertisements, what’s more, you will most likely find that your company will have a better reach online than in the local newsprints.

Lastly, if you choose to monetize your site you can make the money you spend on advertising for your website back when people visit your website.

How to make your custom metal badge blog stand out from the rest of the Crowd

One of the best ways to make money on the internet is to start making money from a blog or website of some sorts.

In fact making a living off blogging has become a popular life ambition and many people and bloggers are trying to make sure that making a living off blogging is the only income they will need.
Of course, this begins to create a problem, in regard to what you can call the over populations of blogs on the internet, which means it is often extremely hard of bloggers who are just starting out to stand out from the rest of the bloggers.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

One of the best ways in which you can make sure you stand out from the rest of the world is to make sure that your blog is unique and in a niche area which you are an expert in.

This means that there is no point in turning to be a makeup artist and blog about the best makeup tutorials when you have a lifetime in creating Master Cast custom metal badges.

Stick to what you know, and trust me people will begin to take note of your blog.

Your blog

Your blog is a representation of you and your work, so sticking with the custom metal badges, you will want your blog to be a representation of your craftsmanship and your standards.

Think of it this way, if your metal work is clean, precise and beautiful then the same must apply to your blog, as it an online portfolio for your work.

The content

Content is a massive part of a blog and if you don’t get it right you can end up not even being noticed on the global market, meaning that if you don’t have original content you can say goodbye to your blog helping you.

The other difficult aspect of your blog’s content is making sure that you post daily, meaning it can be quite difficult to find topics to write about. Don’t ever get into the mindset of not having anything to write about, share what jobs you did today.

Meaning that if you created a custom war medal belt buckle, then share the journey with your readers, tell them what metal you used, how to mix the metal, the casting period and then the finished result.

Add pictures and even think about creating a “How to “video series, where you show off your custom metal work.

Many people don’t know about the benefits of custom metal work badges or the sentimental value of the entire job, how personal some of your jobs get, whether you are creating a war medal collection for the grandchild of a veteran or you are making something as simple as a belt buckle, let people who the standard of work that you produce in and outside of the workshop.

Share the emotional journey and trust me your blog will begin to stand out from the crowd and you may even see an increase in online orders.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

7 Reasons to Stay Away from Cheap App Developers

Looking for app developers for your app project? Ok, what are your requirements? An established app developer or someone who can complete your project in low budget. If you're opting for the first option, i.e. hiring an established app developer – go ahead, I wish you luck.
However, if you're looking for a cheap app developer – you need to stop and rethink.

We know this project is your dream and you're investing your fortune on it. Hence, no one should tell you what to do and what not. Still, it's not a wise decision to outsource your project to anyone before properly analysing all scenarios. Hiring app developers for low budget may be beneficial from the cost point of view. However, it can prove a lot expensive later.

In this post, we will detail such hidden dangers that you may encounter if you opt for cheap app development. Just go through the post, read all the points, and take a reliable decision. Have a good read:

Here's Why You Should Stay Away From Cheap App Developers

1. Your Project Will be Handled by Novices – Not Experienced Developers

Why would some company charge you much less for your project's development? Because they will not have an appropriate team. There will be no experienced developers to handle your project – only novices who're in the learning phase themselves. They'll make mistakes but no one will be there to guide them. In such a scenario – you can never expect quality work.
Remember, if the app developers are experienced – the hourly rates will be high and the app development will cost you more.

2. Quality of the work they Do – Will not be Good

Like we have mentioned earlier, cheap app developers will have your project handled by novices. As those people are in the learning stage – they will make a lot of mistakes. Hence, the quality of the work they do, will not be up to the mark.

3. You have no Idea When Your Project Will End

Unlike regular app developers who give you a specified deadline for your project - there is no surety when your project will end if you're having it done by cheap app developers. Your project will be handled by inexperienced developers who will make a lot of mistakes. You'll have to ask for changes again and again – and implementing them may take some time.

Overall, the project completion time will remain unknown till the end – in the case of economic app development.

4. No Proper Co-ordination between You and the Project Development Team

One special thing about prominent app developers is that they ensure proper co-ordination between you and the project development team. They keep you notified with even the smaller updates happening within your project.

However, if you're hiring app development for low budget, there will be no coordination between you and the project development team. You'll have to manage all things on your own. You'll have to frequently contact them and force them to complete your project on time.

5. Even After Completion – You May Encounter Bugs

Ok, you succeeded in coordinating with the project development team and had it completed in time. However, did you test it properly? No, do it now. There are chances that you will encounter many changes.

On the other hand, if you outsource your project to regular app developers – the whole development process along with testing and maintenance will be their responsibility. You will not have to worry about anything because even if there is any issue, they will resolve it in time.

Hence, hiring regular developers for your project is much better than going for low-budget app development.

6. Maintenance and Marketing Will be Your Headache

Yet another thing that annoys me the most about low-budget app developers is that they consider their job done – once your project is complete and the app is live on the app store. After this, it's your headache to maintain and market that app.

No doubt, Some of these developers might be willing to assist you in your app's marketing and maintenance – they will charge you extra for that. This is just unfair.

On the other hand, even if notable app developers charge you extra – they will offer complete maintenance and marketing support. Some of them even offer you perks like 90-days free maintenance, Free marketing website, etc.

7. Your App May Not be Recognised

Do you know why most people prefer having their app from established app developers? Let us explain why!

When popular developers will work on your project and mention it on their website – people visiting their website will also be willing to check out your app. This will bring more traffic to your app.

Apart from this, most of us think that the apps developed by recognized developers are also good. Hence, we are always eager to get your hands on them. This leads to a chance that users download and use your app.

On the other hand – if you're going for economic app development, your app may fail to get that recognition and you may have to invest more money in advertising it.

Overall: You're Spending More Money, Time, and Energy By Hiring Low-budget App Development

Are you saving money by hiring cheap app developers for your project?

Well, you're wrong!

Actually, cheap development will cost you 10 times more than regular app development. Cheap app developers will assign your project to inexperienced developers. They will make a lot of mistakes and you'll have to correct them again and again. Also, you'll need to coordinate with them from time to time to ensure that everything is done as per schedule. These all things take a lot of time and cost you a lot of money.

By the time your project would complete and you push it live – you'll realise that you've spent a lot more money than you would've spent if you had hired a regular app developer. That time you'll curse the moment you took this decision – but there will be no use.

So, this is the time when you have to take the right decision.

Either you can go for low-budget app development now and repent about your decision later Or you can invest a little more money, hire a prominent app developer, and have an app created for you. You don't have to worry about anything. The whole app design, development, testing, maintenance, and marketing process will be handled by them. They will even offer you free support for some time.

Are you worried about finding the right app developers?

Well, don’t be! we have come up with a suitable solution. Here how you can find established app developers for your project:

1. Several websites like Clutch, Business of Apps. and Goodfirms maintains a list of popular mobile app developers. You can find really good app developers there

2. You can also ask people who had outsourced their app development projects earlier. They can better guide you with the experience they had with the companies during their project’s outsourcing.

Even one of our references told us about this app development company called Applify a few days back. He had outsourced his project there and was really happy with the services they offered.

3. Do a thorough research on Google (can be tricky).

4. You can also use platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr. These platforms are really good for small updations within your project. However, if you’re looking for serious app development - we will recommend you to look for a well-recognized app development company. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

What Are The Main Parties Doing To Address The Housing Shortage?

At the moment the British property market is in pretty good shape. Confidence is high, interest rates are at a record low; however, there is a shortage in the supply of good quality housing stock, said LDG and estate agents in the West End.. The situation is particularly bad in London and the southeast, where demand massively outstrips supply. The appeal of jobs and prospects mean that more and more people both from UK and the EU choosing to move to the south, so there’s little wonder that there is a chronic housing shortage. Decades of poor policy and an inability to calculate how much housing stock is needed, have pushed prices through the roof. It’s estimated that some 200,000 new houses need to be built every year, but year after year successive governments have simply failed to reach this target. For example, last year the government fell short by around 80,000.

With an election looming and housing at the forefront of the electorate’s mind, each party is out there pledging to build the necessary houses and bring prices down. The problem is, where should they be built? This takes us back to the old brownfield/ greenbelt debate that’s guaranteed to anger your local NIMBY. However, the right pledges could just push one party over the finishing line and thus help them steal the election. So, what are the parties promising us when it comes to housing?

The Conservative Party

The Conservatives have pledged to build 200,000 new starter homes along with 100,000 cut price homes for those under 40. Visit here if you are a first time buyer and you register with your local authority, you can receive a reduction of 20% on any house built on brownfield land. This cut price is achieved by waving fees house builders normally pay to councils. In some cases, this can amount to £45,000. This applies to all houses priced at £250,000 (outside London) £450,000 (inside London); with homeowners having to pay back the 20% advantage if the property was sold inside of five years.

They’ve also promised to extend the Help to Buy scheme until 2020. This is designed for first time buyers who are struggling to raise a deposit. With Help to buy, you only need to raise 5% of the homes worth in order to qualify, with the government guaranteeing the loan.

Recently, amid much controversy, the party etended Margaret Thatcher’s Right to Buy scheme, which allowed council tenants to buy the property that they were living in rather than just rent it.

The Labour Party

The promise is to build 200,000 new homes every year up to 2020. So, the Labourparty equal the Conservatives on this particular policy.

There would also be a crackdown on developers who hoard land and give local authorities the ability to take said land away if it goes unused. Essentially, if the land has planning permission and a developer holds on to the land for too long, it could be sold off at a profit at a later date. Labour plan to force them to “use it or lose it”.

There’s also a plan to tackle the problem of empty homes. This has been well publicised, particularly in London. With property in England being such a good investment, many wealthy foreigners snap up homes but don’t ever really intend to live in them. The plan is to give local councils the ability to charge higher rates of council tax on these empty properties and when new homes are built, ensure that they are advertised to UK residents first before being offered to those living abroad.

The Liberal Democrats

They’ve said they’ll build 300,000 new homes every year. The plan is to try to stop developments stalling and to “go much further” than the coalition had done in the last five years. The figure proposed is 100,000 more than both the Conservatives and Labour have pledged. They are proposing to have the government commission new house building.

This site want to introduce a Rent to Own scheme which would allow tenants to own a stake in the home they are living in. This essentially seems a little like the Conservatives Right to Buy policy. Of the 300,000 homes, they have pledged to build 30,000 of them under this scheme.

There’s also a plan to build ten more garden cities. First thought of by Sir Ebenezar Howard in 1898, the first garden city was built in 1903 with the second, Welwyn, in 1920. An extension of this plan would be funded by state-backed housing investment banks.

They also want to help those on low incomes afford a deposit for a house. This would involve the use of government loans.

Right now in an attempt to woo the electorate, each party will say almost anything to gain your vote. But how feasible are any of their promises? What’s more: how will any of this (particularly if the policy is state -backed) be funded and where will all the people go? It’s no good building houses in the north if everyone wants to live in the south. Only time will tell, but there is a strong suspicion that we will all be scratching our heads and asking the same questions in five years’ time.