Friday, February 19, 2016

10 Tips of decorating a House

Enhancing the beauty of a house does not mean that it is always a big project and always requires a big amount; says one can opt for following tips in order to do the decoration purpose effectively without disturbing the budget.

Paint is said to be the makeover of the house. It works as soothing element and catches an eye within seconds. One can give a classy look to the house by selecting a right tone.

Contrasting tones, Instead of painting the whole area or room in the same tone it would be more effective to paint one wall in a contrasting tone. It can be use as a gallery wall or can be left as it is. Ceiling of the room can be painted in a color with lighter tone than that of the walls of the room for a dramatic look.

Window Dressings play an important role in decorating a whole house or a single room as well. Now a day’s readymade draperies are in. The thing is to only hem them to the size requirement of the window. It can give a modern look if used with different styles of rods easily available in market.

Lighting and Lighting Fixtures plays an important role as it can enhance the theme or can spoil the whole idea of decoration. In order to d├ęcor with some lighting accessory one can use a fixture fixed into the wall or ceiling or can opt for a dangling one. For this purpose one can also go for lampshades in contemporary shapes even simple fresh white shades also creates a relaxing effect.

Contrast Colors as themes like white and any bright or dark color can be used as a theme for the decoration purpose. The thing is to balance both tones evenly either in the walls or in the furnishings.

Selection of Accessories does not mean putting too much things in a small area or space. The selection of accessories should be according to the demand of the area.

Paintings and wall panels should always move around different walls in order to get a best fit. 

Creating a Gallery wall in the house seems to be dramatic at times one can create a gallery wall of family photos in matching or contrasting frames.

Arrangement of photos can be done in the form of a collage on the gallery wall.
For effective arrangement first try to make a plan by arranging them on the floor unless or until get the desired results. To know more about home design see

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